«The Competition» is available for both private and public screenings in almost all the countries and our film is available as Original Version with Spanish, English, French, Italian, Polish and Chinese subtitles. If you are interested in hosting a screening, please contact us at and we will explain you the steps.

The film is NOT available for home viewing/ streaming/ downloads.


We offer free copies of «The Competition» to PhD or postdoctoral researchers who can prove the theme of the of their research is related to the film’s main themes that is: architecture competitions, architecture creative and organizational processes, creative work processes, documenting architecture, architecture office work culture. If this is your case, please submit your request at and we will explain you the steps.

We mention this is a pro bono activity: we do not count on sponsorships nor subsidies to attend the requests we receive for free copies of the film. It is something we do for free within the our possibilities. We will only reply the requests that fit the conditions we detail above these lines.


We offer free copies of «The Competition» to architecture curators and programmers, to film curators and programmers, to journalists and architecture critics. If you are willing to preview our film, please submit your request at